Angel Lowen

Angel (Angelo) Lowen is 17 years old and commenced the 11 month Hands and Heart carpentry/welding skills program in January 2017. His mother and father are separated, and Angel now lives with his older sister, Nicci.

Angel met his father for the first time when he was six years old when his father reunited with the family. Initially, things were fine, but there has been a history of abuse, neglect and alcoholism, as well as drugs and imprisonment of gamilt members. In light of this, Angel took to the streets at the age of 11 and spent three years on his own. At 13, Angel moved into Ella’s safe house and started grade 6. He passed grades 6-8 and ceased attending high school mid-grade 9 in 2016.

Angel is literate, doing well at Hands and Heart, and has an excellent record of attendance. He walks from Concordia to the industrial area each day. Angel is a personable and very likable guy who loves soccer, plays hard and is talented.

The Foundation is proud to support Angel as he builds his skill level and education at the program and looks forward to him becoming a productive member of society.

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Angel Lowen