Bringing Hope and Restoring Dignity

Uganda, “The Pearl of Africa” is ranked as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  And although it is landlocked with no coastline, it is full of beautiful lakes and rivers. However, Uganda is also very impoverished. It is one of the largest refugee hosting countries in the world with over 1.5 million refugees arriving mostly from the South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

As Khayamandi Foundation partners with local and international organizations, we help bring a
meaningful impact and sustainable transformation to the people of Uganda!


Located in the northwest corner of Uganda, Arua is a prime location for hosting refugees entering Uganda from both South Sudan and DRC. Khayamandi has helped to purchase Missions Café and Guest House, a coffee shop, restaurant and accomodations.

This provides employment for at least a dozen local people, enabling them to support their families and keep their children in school. The space creates opportunities for local artisans, widows and other community groups to showcase and sell their products. Missions Cafe also allows a safe place for various workshops, trainings, and events.

The main focus of Missions Cafe is to bring hope, restore dignity and empower one another for God’s glory.

Missions Cafe in Arua also hosts a Farmer’s Market giving local artists and farmers an opportunity to sell their items.

Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement

Rhino Camp is home to approximately 140,000+ registered refugees. The camp is divided up into 7 different zones. Currently Khayamandi partners with missionaries and international organizations on projects in both the Omugo zone and the Tika zone.

In Omugo, Khaymandi Foundation financially supports “New Life Children’s Ministry Center” a preschool/Kindergarten with over 400 students. The CMC provides children an education, food and a safe place to be each day. It also serves as employment for a Head Master and over a dozen local teachers.

In Rhino Camp, the groundwater is of very poor quality. And with only a few clean water sources, refugees must wait a long time to get clean water. Khayamandi partnered with World Vision to build a new well and water system near the Children’s Ministry Center. This provides clean drinking water to the students and the community of about 5000 people.
In Tika, Khayamandi Foundation partnered with others to purchase a facility for missionaries to operate a “Worship Center”. Here, residents can worship and receive counseling to heal from the trauma of war and displacement.