Leaders That Grow Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Khayamandi Foundation knows that everyone does not have the same personality, dreams, skills or drive.  University is not for everybody.  Therefore, we have partnered with “Hands and Heart”, a one-year skills training program run by Youth for Christ in Kynsna.  Approximately 20 to 30 young men per year learn basic skills training in carpentry, welding, and electrical work.  In addition, math education, resume writing and ways to present yourself professionally are taught. Learning these skills gives the students an advantage, making their employment opportunities much greater. Khayamandi also sponsors Dennis, one of the full-time instructors. His mentorship is molding these young lives in constructive ways.

In January of 2018, a team traveled to Africa to build a new dormitory at the Youth for Christ facility. This construction project was rewarding and motivating as the team worked with the actual students of the 2018 Hands and Heart program.