Knowledge is Power. Scholarships are Empowerment.

An education opens unimaginable doors anywhere in the world, but particularly in South Africa. The Khayamandi Foundation strives to be instrumental and effective when it comes to making education more accessible and prevalent. While many individuals desire to attend good schools, few have the chance to realize this dream.

We want to ensure that the students we grant scholarships to are just as enthusiastic about the vision as we are. To do this, we have been working with a very focused difference-maker, Jim Jamer, whose familiarity with the townships and its people is pivotal. He is an intuitive person who helps us interview and scout potential students to validate their interest and prospects. We are not there to just provide funds, but support them as they commit to a new path, however long their studies last.

The tuition in South Africa is a mere $4-6k compared to the potentially large student debt accrued in most of Western society.  Regardless, it is funds that do not currently exist. However, thanks to your generosity we have been able to grant scholarships to eight students thus far.  Our goal is to annually guide an additional 8-10 students through school.

Khayamandi works to identify the specific need of the person they are supporting – sometimes this is University, sometimes a Technical College or Skills Center. Where the need is… there we support.