Identifying Specific Needs in The Now

The Khayamandi Foundation’s Sport program was born out of the need to address a growing gang concern in the local townships. Young gang members were harming students in the schools and outside the school gates.

These young men needed an outlet. They agreed to sign a truce and asked to have a sport program. Khayamandi Foundation began funding sport teams for youth. A local coach was hired and has grown the program to 16 soccer teams and coaches (8 senior teams and 8 junior teams).



The impact was almost immediate. Reports from school principals, police and general community are that gang to gang violence has dramatically decreased.

With the success of this program in Knysna, Khayamandi Foundation has recently added two new  teams (1 senior team and 1 junior team) from the neighboring town of Sedgefield. The teams are located in the Smuttsville township, where the youth encounter the same socioeconomic challenges as the youth in the Knysna township. We welcome The Young Smuts, F.C. to Knysna Local Football Association (KFLA).