Community Begins with Caring.

To protect against the dangers of the alcohol and drug abuse epidemic, Khayamandi partners with the community to build/renovate safe houses and churches.  Local residents are employed to help with the construction, allowing us to support the community without negating self-sustainability.

Unfortunately, many children are neglected, abandoned, left on doorsteps, dropped at the Social Security offices and forgotten.  This led to Khaymandi’s partnership with Ella, a local woman who rescues these babies and children.  When asked how we could help, Ella simiply said, “I need a house.”

Khaymandi built her a safe house that now houses 16 orphans.  Providing a place to live, vouchers for taxis, food for the family, is not just support but an investment in the next generation.

Working together, with a common goal, the partnership and energy of people like Penny and Ella in the Knysna area… and the resources of Khayamandi, can be highly effective.