Community Begins with Caring.

To protect against the dangers of the alcohol and drug abuse epidemic, Khayamandi partners with the community to build/renovate safe houses and churches.  Local residents are employed to help with the construction, allowing us to support the community without negating self-sustainability.

Unfortunately, many children are neglected, abandoned, left on doorsteps, dropped at the Social Security offices and forgotten.  This led to Khaymandi’s partnership with Ella, a local woman who rescues these babies and children.  When asked how we could help, Ella simiply said, “I need a house.”

Khaymandi built her “Lukhanyiso Safe house” that has housed so many orphans over the years. Currently, Khayamandi is looking to relocate Lukhanyiso to a larger home in a safer area. Ella needs to be able to accomodate more children and provide home school space, as the township schools are not able to provide a good education for these children. A full time teacher works with the learners and Khayamandi provides the financial support. Providing a place to live, vouchers for taxis, food for the family, is not just support but an investment in the next generation.

Working together, with a common goal, the partnership and energy of people like Penny and Ella in the Knysna area… and the resources of Khayamandi, can be highly effective. We are partnering with Ella and asking our donors to help us raise half of the cost of the new home (US $80,000).