Lukhanyiso Safe House

“Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story” ~ Annonymous

Unfortunately, many children in the township are orphaned. They do not have a mom to take
care of them. Not always because she is absent in body, but often because she is absent in
mind. Many are orphaned due to the unhealthy addiction to drugs and alcohol plaguing so many single moms. These moms lose the ability to care for their children when their addictions take over their lives.  And because of this self destructive behavior, the defenseless babies are left orphaned on the streets.

This is the very sad and short ending to the life story of so many children. But for a few others,
it isn’t. There is a woman of great faith, who lives in the township, and is determined to help
write a new chapter in the life stories of many orphaned children. A chapter full of love, hope, faith and family.

Ella Mapurisa, known to many as Mama Ella, has made it her mission to rescue the children
abandoned in the township and share Jesus with everyone she meets.  To do this, Ella needed a safe house. She calls this home, Lukhanyiso Safe House.  In isiXhosa, the word Lukhanyiso means “The Light”.  Ella decided to call the Safe House “Lukhanyiso” to bring light to the brokenhearted.

This is one of the many ways The Khayamandi Foundation has partnered with Ella.  A large addition was built onto the home to help Ella house more children. Khayamandi funded the project and sent a team to build it.

Ella lives modestly in the safe house with her husband and 14 children.  She has hired a small staff to help care for and transport the children daily. Her expenses run around $200 U.S. per child per month. This is for food, clothes, school uniforms, school tuitions, staff fees, etc.

She and her business partner Penny have opened a township tour company called Emzini
Tours to try to help cover the expenses of the Lukhanyiso Safe House. With the needs so great,
The Khayamandi Foundation partners with Ella, investing in the lives of the youngest of this

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Lukhanyiso Safe House