The Khayamandi Foundation began with a radical idea that change was possible through one person. The person you invest in.

This vision began in the early 2000’s.  During multiple short-term trips to South Africa, two friends identified the infrastructure of South Africa as becoming increasingly fragile with ongoing issues impacting both the daily and deep-rooted lifestyles of the communities. A long-term solution effort was required immediately. A solution that would unite the areas where we worked, while empowering the people of Africa toward resourcefulness and stability.


After helping one person, the realization that it was possible to affect lives positively, was contagious… moreover, possible. Very quickly Khayamandi became a symbol, a source of strength and established five key programs: Scholarships, Safe Houses, Skills Development, Sport & Sponsorships.  In addition, partnerships were formed with trusted, reputable and established donors, volunteers and agencies whose missions align with ours.

But most importantly, Khayamandi’s impact has been successful through partnering with passionate people across the world. If we all stretch out our arms, we can reach Africa with our donations.  We can provide economically, socially challenged kids, students and families the life they did not know existed.

Now every day, in every way possible, we provide hope with your help.