Identifying Specific Needs in The Now

The Khayamandi Foundation’s Supplies’ program brings the people together on many levels. It is a way we can locally address the immediate needs of some members of the community. Whether it is taxi vouchers for a housemother and her orphans or food for the hungry, it is a blessing to see people participate in something beyond themselves.

Several years ago, Ella, the young daughter of  a music pastor at the First Baptist Church in North Augusta, SC passed away.  The family’s community wanted to express their love in a way more tangible than flowers could express.

The Khayamandi Foundation heard about this situation and asked if there was any way we could assist in this endeavor. To this end, 1,000 drawstring backpacks later, we had made the difference they had hoped to achieve. Printed on each bag was the wording “Ella’s Gift” and inside was a Bible, soccer ball, food and many other treats. These bags were taken to Ella in Knysna by the next construction team and distributed to local children. This new connection — Ella-to-Ella — was a small start to creating a legacy.