Friday Guys

In June 2017, Maria and her husband Freddy doubled the size of their family overnight. They
have six children of their own and took in six of Maria’s cousin’s children who were orphaned.
After finding out that her cousin had been murdered, Maria felt God tugging on her heart to give
these children a chance. She and her husband Freddy welcomed six children into their family,
whom they barely knew.

This brought their household (4 small bedrooms and 1 bathroom) to a total of 15 people: Freddy, Maria, 4 of their own children, 3 grandchildren and 6 of her cousin’s children. Things were a little crowded, to say the least.

Then Ella and Penny (Emzini Tours/Lukhanyiso Safe House) met this family and once again
partnered with The Khayamandi Foundation to help. Because it is not financially possible for
Freddy and Maria to provide for the orphans, Emzini Tours pays for school uniforms, transport to school, school fees and some food expenses. It is a true blessing for the family. The
Khayamandi Foundation built an addition onto Freddy and Maria’s home that fits bunkbeds for 4 of the children.

While Khayamandi Board Member Kurt Cooper was in Knysna (winter of 2018) he offered a
Basic Carpentry Skills class to a group of 8 guys. These boys, called Friday Guys, did not
complete high school, many cannot read. Within this 9-session class, the guys were taught
basic skills to hopefully make them a little bit more employable. Their final project was to build a 12 X 12 sleeping room onto Freddy and Maria’s home.

The project was amazing. Not only did it give Maria’s family more sleeping space, it was such
an exciting accomplishment for the young guys in the class. They now have job experience and some new marketable skills.


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Friday Guys