Kudzai Sibanda

Kudzai was born in Zimbabwe and recently turned 21. He has two younger brothers to whom he is very close and enjoys a healthy relationship with his mother and father.   

Kudzai attended high school in Knysna, South Africa after his parents relocated from Zimbabwe to provide their sons a better future. When Kudzai was 15, his parents separated. His father returned to Zimbabwe, and his mother moved to a South African town near the border with Zimbabwe.  

The viewpoint of Kudzai’s parents was that Kudzai was old enough at 15 to care for himself and his middle brother. Their father provided money each month for a house the boys rented in the township in Knysna, and most months he also provided money for food. Kudzai assumed responsibility for raising his 13-year-old brother, while simultaneously completing grades 9 to 12. We supported the boys through many difficult periods when delayed financial support from their father meant no food or electricity.  

Kudzai made his school proud in many ways, including his second-place finish in a national public speaking competition. This accomplishment allowed Kudzai to participate in an international competition the following year in London, England during his grade 12 year. He was selected “audience favorite.” 

Kudzai loves people, and people love Kudzai. It is the rare individual who is not changed for the better as a result of crossing paths with him. While outgoing and humorous, he is also humble and compassionate.  

In 2016 Kudzai completed his first year of tertiary education at the University of Namibia with two academic distinctions. Upon completing his undergraduate BA degree, he plans to return to South Africa to pursue a master’s degree in politics.  

This is no ordinary young man, and The Foundation is pleased to help Kudzai realize his educational dreams. 

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Kudzai Sibanda