Siphenkosi Sihono


Siphenkosi Sihono dreams of being a chef.

Born in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in a village outside of Mount Frere, Siphe grew up in his grandmother’s small wooden shack with no running water or electricity.  There, he lived with 9 other cousins in an area where the opportunity to get a good education was poor.

In 2013, Siphe moved to the Knysna township (Western Cape) with his dad and stepmom in the hopes of receiving a better education.  He was 18-years old at this time and repeating Grade 9.

Throughout the school year, things in his household deteriorated and his schoolwork suffered.

Siphe was now 19-years old, with no hope of finishing High School.  He felt his only choice was to get a job.  It was then that Ella met Siphe.  She invited him to live in the Lukhanyiso Safe House and return to school.

With a stable home life at Ella’s, Siphe started to succeed.  He was determined to matric (graduate) from High School.  At age 22, he did just that.

Siphe has never been one to get into trouble.  He is very respectful with a squeaky clean reputation.

Working toward his dream of being a chef, Siphe, with financial support from the Khayamandi Foundation, is currently attending South Cape College in Oudtshoorn, South Africa.  He is beginning year 2 of a 3-year program where he will earn a diploma in Hospitality and Catering.  His classes include Catering Theory, Applied Management, Safety and Sanitation, and Nutrition and Menu Planning.  As part of the program he will complete practicals where he works for periods of time in the industry.

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Siphenkosi Sihono